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The Contracted Company , ENGINEERING SELECTION.

The Contracting Company, henceforth denominated the user, holder of the data informed and  duly entered in our databank and identified by the  identification name, login and password, who wishes to apply for a real job opportunity (job vacancies) and to select and recruit, free of any charge, using the services offered by ENGINEERING SELECTION, henceforth denominated  the ADVERTISER

Contract and agree, between them, the following:


2.1.  ENGINEERING SELECTION will make available, exclusively on the site, FREE OF CHARGE and EXCLUSIVELY, to the  ADVERTISER the following Internet services:

A – Inclusion and replacement of job vacancies;
B – Distribution of curricula selected  to meet the profile required via e-mail;
C – Access to an exclusive panel that will allow you to monitor your selection processes, and access the curricula of applicants in different engineering areas;

D – Auxiliary tools to help in the selection of applicants On-line (Unlimited access to our Databank of Curricula and Shortlisting of Curricula On–line recruitment).

2.2. An access to the exclusive area named ‘Area of the Company’ with exclusive services For this, the ADVERTISER is required to enter their login and password.

2.3. It is important to point out that access to the Internet is of the ADVERTISER’s full responsibility.


3.1. ENGINEERING SELECTION will allow access to the ‘Area of the Company’ on a 24/7 basis, to enable you to monitor your adverts and the curricula you received. 

3.2. ENGINEERING SELECTION is exempt from any responsibility for non-access to the site resulting from problems of connection of the site to the internet.

3.3. ENGINEERING SELECTION, at their discretion, reserves the right to:

Interrupt the system for maintenance purposes, in order to improve the quality of the services rendered.

3.4. The Parties are aware and agree that ENGINEERING SELECTION shall not be held responsible for the data and contents of the vacancies; these are under the exclusive responsibility of the ADVERTISER, who will respond for any civil and legal sanctions resulting from the losses generated by them.

3.5. ENGINEERING SELECTION will inspect, by means of its quality control, the vacancies advertised, in order to guarantee the quality of their services. ENGINEERING SELECTION reserves the right to exclude any job offer that might contain untrue or inconsistent data, or that do not comply with ENGINEERING SELECTION’s quality standards, as described in this contract:

3.6. The ADVERTISER agrees that ENGINEERING SELECTION may, at any time, following substantiated complaint or mere confirmation or audit, exclude the job offers that break with legal procedures, and cancel the login and access password of companies or individuals who are using the site to contact clients and offer consultancy, pyramids or any other paid services that might be constraining, illegal or immoral.

3.7. ENGINEERING SELECTION; At their discretion, may exclude any job offer and login and password following substantiated complaint or result of investigation proving that the user tried, unduly, to access pages and data not destined to them or that are not available to the public, or that are of exclusive use or protected by somebody else’s password or that have any sort of limitation or are in internal directories on the site. Any rights not expressly granted are reserved.


4.1. The ADVERTISER shall be responsible for the use of their login and password, which are personal and non-transferrable.

4.2. Data on the ADVERTISER, as well as those on the employee/contracting party are exclusively under their responsibility, and they will respond for any civil and legal sanctions resulting from the losses generated by them.

4.3. If the ADVERTISER cannot be held responsible, the obligations described in this contract will be transferred to their legal representatives.

4.4 . ENGINEERING SELECTION recommends professionals based on skills. It is the sole responsibility of the hiring company (JOB ADVERTISER) to verify personal references so that the final decision of hiring is taken with the maximum safety possible.

4.5 The ADVERTISING COMPANY authorizes the hired company ENGINEERING SELECTION to display their name and logo on the website


5.1. The clauses in the present contract will be deemed accepted from the moment the USER shows agreement by clicking on “I accept the terms and conditions” at the end of the registration form on the site.

5.2. If there are any impediments to compliance with this contract on the part of the ADVERTISER, ENGINEERING SELECTION may, at their discretion, suspend the services foreseen in this contract.