Job market trends for Engineering in 2019

The future is now. Surely you have heard of Industry 4.0 and of the appearance of new professions as a Big Data Engineer, one of the five most demanded positions in the market today. On the other hand, while Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, leads us to investments in modernization, automation and consequent increase in quality… Read More »

What are the job opportunities for a Mechanical Engineer

Have you always enjoyed fixing the world, discovered Mechanical Engineering, graduated and now it’s time to start your career by getting your first job? Or after a few years in the market, you need new adventures? Doesn’t matter. In this article we will present the current scenario and the main job opportunities for the Mechanical Engineer and help… Read More »

Overcoming Objections as a Structural Engineer Who Inspects Home

By Julie Scott Even seasoned property investors sometimes buy a lemon. You may get lucky and purchase a property that is headache-free, however, it’s worth checking the risks before making a decisionon a property. The best way to make sure a property is a good buy is to hire a qualified structural engineer to inspect a property prior… Read More »

5 indispensable software for engineers

Technology is always present on Engineers’ routine. From simple advances in equipment, through the change of raw materials, to management software. To keep up with these changes, it is required that professional engineers continue to train or, at the very least, upgrade their knowledge through specialized channels such as books, magazines, websites, yearbooks and other medias. Engineers need… Read More »

10 Jobs for Mechanical Engineer posted on our Platform

If you are a recent graduate Mechanical Engineer or are looking for professional relocation, you should check out our job openings for Mechanical Engineer posted on Engineering Selection Platform. All the jobs below have been published by companies that use the Engineering Selection Connection Platform.  #1 Mechanical Marine Commisioning Engineer   Job: Mechanical Marine Commisioning Engineer  City/State/Country: Levis/ QC… Read More »