5 indispensable software for engineers

By | March 14, 2018
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Technology is always present on Engineers’ routine. From simple advances in equipment, through the change of raw materials, to management software.

To keep up with these changes, it is required that professional engineers continue to train or, at the very least, upgrade their knowledge through specialized channels such as books, magazines, websites, yearbooks and other medias. Engineers need to be up to date with technology.

Regarding the use of software for project management and implementation, all engineering companies use such tools to keep up with the demands of an increasingly technological market. They are responsible for processing data and transforming information into the development of different services (independent of engineering). Joining graphics, drawings, numerical data, fixed costs of the work, etc., are some of the possibilities of engineering software. On the list below, we separated the most recommended software for engineers by specialists, but before we get to them, it is important to understand a little bit more about them.

Criteria to choose the right software

It can not be said that there is better or worse software. Each program will have its particularities, and depending on the professional’s expertise, he or she will have its preferences. However, a company will certainly consider cost x benefit. So, if you suggest specific software for your board of directors, keep that in mind. Some factors may influence in the choice of software that will be used.

It is recommended that you invest in the purchase of the program and a professional machine. Let’s see what a good software for engineers needs to run:

  • RAM memory – the space varies from 2 to 8 GB;
  • Effective processor – one of the most used is the Intel AMD Athlon 64;
  • Video card with good resolution – the most used are 1280 x 1024 card;
  • Available disk space – some software will need 6 GB to run.

The 5 most used software by engineers

Our list points out the most used software by the majority of Engineers:

1 – AutoCAD: perhaps the most used in the world in CAD format. It goes into creative software groups.

2 – Sketchup: another one of creation, stands out by the several models available in its library.

3 – Primavera: one of the most used management software, it has complete interface to organize projects.

4 – Revit: In addition to creating, this program helps you plan and manage infrastructure projects.

5 – MS Project: another project management program. It is highly recommended for planning phase.

As said at the beginning, these are tools every good engineer needs to master, or at least, know. Deepen your research and good luck!

How do software for engineering work?

These programs have as main objectives to make projections, to plan and to control projects in execution. There are two formats: creation and management.

Creation softwares are those used to develop simulations, projections of what can be constructed, for example. They generate different types of models: of buildings, of electrical circuits, of hydraulic systems, etc. Usually, these creative platforms have in their interface templates that the beginner engineers can use to elaborate their projects.

With management software, on the other side, engineers play a strategic role, more focused on planning and monitoring the project. With such programs, again using the example of a work, engineers will be able to:

  • Have the overall concept of the service;
  • Associate budgets and proposals;
  • Generate deadlines controls;
  • Control provisions;
  • Have relevant team numbers;
  • Link legislation and tax obligations.

These management programs have a significant scope of action, can be adapted for numerous projects, from construction to logistics operations.


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