What are the job opportunities for a Mechanical Engineer

By | April 1, 2019
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Have you always enjoyed fixing the world, discovered Mechanical Engineering, graduated and now it’s time to start your career by getting your first job?

Or after a few years in the market, you need new adventures?

Doesn’t matter. In this article we will present the current scenario and the main job opportunities for the Mechanical Engineer and help you find what you need for your professional achievement.

Fasten your seatbelts, your career will take off!

The work of a Mechanical Engineer

The duties of the Mechanical Engineer are to design, develop and supervise the production of equipment and technologies, as well as activities such as teaching and research related to the mechanical and thermodynamic processes of machines, installations, vehicles, heating and cooling systems, among others.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most versatile engineering careers, with many perspectives of job opportunities, since machines and equipment are literally everywhere, from industry to agribusiness, through oil platforms, aircraft manufacturing and development of electronics. It would be impossible to list in this article all the jobs that can be occupied by the Mechanical Engineer.

Even with the recent economic downturn in recent years, Mechanical Engineering is one of the areas that continues to have a high demand for professionals.

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Salary of a Mechanical Engineer

As in all areas, a professional’s salary increases with their effective time in the market.

The newly formed mechanical engineer can start the career as Trainee Engineer or Junior Engineer with variable salary averages, according to the industry.

Earnings prospects are increasing, as in addition to the wide range of vacancies in which the mechanical engineer can work, the category has its professional minimum wage established.

The average pay for a Mechanical Engineer is $69,251 per year for 8-hour workdays.

Here is an important point: the workload established for mechanical engineers is 6 hours per day. The surplus must be paid in overtime or flexibilized in the salary of the engineer. In practice, what ends up happening in the majority of job opportunities is the flexibilization of 40 hours a week and the payment of overtime by the contracting companies.

An opportunity to increase earnings and also speed up your relocation is to ally experience time to specializations in areas such as: automation, robotics, oil and gas, project management and commercial. This will further raise the wages of the mechanical engineer, even those with little career time..

Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in 2019

The areas that historically employ mechanical engineers are:

– Automobile industry (all sectors of the production chain)

– Metallurgical industry

– Oil and Gas

– Public Companies (companies such as Petrobras, and also acting in the inspection of works and production)

– Banks and financial market (mainly for analysis of investments and financing)

These are some, but not all career opportunities.

The Mechanical Engineer will also be able, with his experience, to become the leader of teams and projects, consultant, both in private companies as well as public companies and municipalities, or even act as an entrepreneur, opening his own business.

Mechanical engineers can also be coordinators, project managers, contract managers, directors, and find opportunities in the academic world.

The time for the mechanical engineer to reach the peak of his career ranges from 10 to 15 years of practicing his profession.


Placement service in the career of mechanical engineer

The possibility of  a placement service for mechanical engineers, or  to reach a new level in their career after years in the same company, may include the possibility of changing city, state and even country.

The job you dream so much for may be waiting for you somewhere in the world. Are you prepared to move in pursuit of professional achievement?


Check out the cities that have the most job openings for mechanical engineers. The most recent data (searched in February 2019), point to:

  1. Kennewick, Washington
  2. Seattle, Washington
  3. Huntsville, Alabama
  4. Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Melbourne, Florida


This scenario is mainly due to tax incentives for the implantation of new companies and positively reflects the demand of mechanical engineers. And we do not stop there.

For those who are willing to stamp the passport for a better life, we also research the countries that most receive engineers.

Cheered up? Prepare your resume and check out the list:


  1. United States of America
  2. Portugal
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Germany


Each country has its rules for obtaining work visas and requirements for diploma validation. The easiest ones are usually in developing countries.

How about realizing the dream of living abroad, enriching your curriculum, getting to know new cultures and still being well paid, working in your profession?

Continue reading to learn more about Career Opportunities


More career opportunities as a mechanical engineer

The fact that the engineer has skills such as logical reasoning, speed in problem solving, planning, leadership and ease of learning, among others makes them professionals who are coveted in the market and are well received in various fields.

Mechanical engineers can find opportunities in companies from the most diverse sectors of the economy, including high management positions.

Due to the characteristics of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, they can still find much success and achievement by owning their own business.

In conclusion:


Mechanical engineer, if you are in search of new opportunities in Engineering, know that in your area they are not lacking!

As one of the most diverse careers and one of the most versatile professionals on the market, the opportunities grow in different sectors, from the automotive, robotics, technology and even entrepreneurship.

Neither the recent economic downturn has been enough to deplete the supply of vacancies and yes, you can find a wonderful place to pursue your profession, both inside and outside the country.

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