Steel Frame: the building system that every Engineer needs to know

By | July 11, 2017
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The engineering market is moving very fast when it comes to new technologies.
Systems that build faster, cleaner and more sustainably are already a reality. This characteristic is also increasingly needed to help the whole planet.
An example of a system that is entering the market quickly is the so-called Light Steel Frame system.
Also called dry construction, the Steel Frame is studied in few colleges across the country even though there are already great works of reputable companies using.

What the engineer should know about the Steel Frame:

Although the Steel Frame construction method is widely used in developed countries for many years, not all people know the system.

The main advantages are:

- Construction speed: the work can be carried out up to 60% faster than conventional constructions

- Cleaning: low generation waste. The products are manufactured to standard measure, having great use and little waste in the work.

- Sustainability: the system generates a low CO2 index to the environment. In addition, many used products are recycled and reused.

- Cost: Cost can become less than masonry if the project is designed from the outset for the Steel Frame.

- Maintenance: besides being low maintenance, it is easy and fast. No major work is required to carry it out, since the plates can be removed and replaced.


The base of the work is made with a simple radier, because the lightness of the system does not require great foundations to support the construction.

The structure of the Steel Frame is made of galvanized steel, which does not oxidize over time.

This allows the system to be used anywhere in the country, even in coastal areas where the incidence of the sea air is higher.

The inner lining and walls is in drywall.

The drywall linings and walls have excellent finishing and have already been used by the main engineers in the country.

The outer finish can be built into several options. From cement slabs - which mimic masonry after finished - to vinyl siding, used in more commercial works.

Why should every engineer know the system:

The Steel Frame system comes mainly from the United States.

Due to the growth it has been taking in the last five years - where there was almost no system in the country - it is an unavoidable question that the knowledge of the system is very valuable for engineers who need to stand out in the current market.

For the advantages without increasing the cost, Steel Frame is being used by large construction companies that will increasingly need qualified professionals with knowledge of the construction method.

Some trainings are already being given by specialized companies in different regions. Both assembly and design are important for the engineer who wants to specialize. And certainly anyone who seeks knowledge about Steel Frame will have a good advantage in the market!

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