How is the Job Market for an Engineer in the USA?

By | February 8, 2017
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US engineering workforce has always been in the higher ranges. According to Engineering Employment Outlook forecast by Kelly Services, a Troy, Mich.-based company, in the next ten years or so the US will require 250,000 more engineers in high growth sectors. These sectors include industries like aerospace, renewable energy, oil and gas, mechanical and civil engineering. These will be the sectors to watch out for if you want to get employed somewhere in the US.

The US engineering labor market is likely to see a constant increment until 2023 with expansion rate reaching 11%, as per the analysis of field experts. The salary and job security prospects are likely to increase for engineers, which is definitely a good sign. It must be noted that in the USA, metropolitan areas like Houston, Washington D.C and Los Angeles, etc., are most inviting for engineers since around a third of engineers in America are employed at these locations.

It is also worth noting that civil engineers are currently in-demand at over 10 metropolitan areas including Boston, Dallas, Denver, New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, San Jose and Phoenix. Around 35% of the civil engineers are employed in these areas and this trend is likely to see a rise over the next ten years since experts believe that 46,000 more civil engineers will be hired by 2025 while 25,000 more mechanical engineers will be required in the US. The statistics reflect two main disciplines that currently are and will continue to grow as the biggest engineering fields in America namely civil and mechanical engineering. On the other hand, the top four fields of engineering in this country include:

  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Industrial
  • Electrical

A majority of the engineers working across the USA have one of the abovementioned four degrees. However, Kelly Services also forecasted that the demand for architecture and engineering managers will most likely get them into the top four ranking very soon. The constant need for advancement in technology has opened doors for biomedical engineers and environmental engineers as well as they have suddenly become highly sought after in the US. Nuclear and petroleum engineers are not far behind. Growth in the manufacturing sector has become slower than traditional rates therefore, it is expected that this particular sector will see modest growth in the future as well.

Biotechnology, sustainability and industrial automation are fields in which engineers are scarce and are badly needed in USA. Oil and gas production and exploration is the need of the day and job market is very welcoming in these sectors for engineers. All in all, the USA is a place where engineers will always remain in high demand especially in unconventional sectors.