Guide: how to excel in the engineering job market

By | July 21, 2017
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During your graduation, you have certainly wondered whether you are really prepared to face the dispute in the engineering job market.

Generally, when we are still in college, even in engineering courses, there comes a time when we begin to realize that the knowledge acquired during the course is not enough to stand out with such competition. It is necessary to do more! But how to become the engineer of the future?

Particularly nowadays, with an increasingly competitive and dynamic scenario, companies demand from professionals more training and some skills that make the difference in the incessant search for good results.

To help those who are currently in the career, we have prepared this step-by-step that shows how to develop personally and professionally.

Here you will understand the worker profile that the market is seeking and how important a good resume is. You will also learn how to build your networking and have a good reputation wherever you go.


The professional that the market seeks

In the last decades, the job market has been changing and, consequently, the profile of the professional that the companies are looking for has also changed.

That specialized employee in a certain area, who was for years and years in a stable job in the same organization, with an extensive workload and within a well-defined and closed hierarchy, began to be replaced by a more dynamic and trained professional.

Professional Skills of the Future:

In order to do well in this new model of work, it is important to develop some fundamental characteristics:


It is the ability to anticipate facts and not wait for orders to perform a task or solve a problem.

Willingness to learn

In order to stand out, it is necessary to keep up with the constant changes in the market, as well as the new technologies that can be applied effectively in your work. So always be studying and looking for trend information to stay tuned.

Good communication

The main aspect when communicating with colleagues is the clarity for them to understand you. But it is also important to know how to listen and write well: good oratory helps a lot to establish lasting relationships.

Ability to work in a team

The watchword is collaboration. Whenever possible help your colleagues and do not think you can work alone. Good contributors are those who always work together for the same purpose.

Creativity and innovation

Companies want people capable of proposing creative and viable solutions, as well as innovative ideas. People who can think differently, seek new paths and always act quickly and effectively, without losing quality.

Organization and planning

These are characteristics that help the professional to always stay focused, manage their time well and optimize processes. This makes it easier to make decisions and achieve your goals.

Good personal marketing

Besides being an excellent professional you need to show your qualities to other people. Think about the best way to dress, talk and deal with those around you, without ever giving up the professionalism.


It is she who makes us face every day working willingness to overcome the challenges

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Whether you are the owner of your own business or a collaborator in a company, you need to have versatility, know how to take risks, always seek innovation and knowledge.

It is vital to be persistent, to trust in yourself, to see opportunities - anticipating market trends - and to have persuasive power to win employees, customers, investors, etc., who will "buy" your ideas and be on your side growing together.


Is a good resume a game-changer?

When it comes to looking for a job, the resume is your business card. It is through them that companies will have a first impression of you, your skills and professional experiences.

Therefore, it is vital to work out your resume very well so that it is not just another one in the pile. Here are some tips to follow when it comes to making your resume and making it more attractive.

Translate your success into numbers

Whenever possible, try to present your achievements in numbers instead of just describing them. Highlight, for example, how many people attended an event you organized, how many calls you made in a given time period, or the financial amounts you managed when you were in a previous role.

Show the competition overcome

This tip applies to when you speak, for example, of a prize won. In addition to saying that you were the winner, make it clear how tough the fight was and how many good people you left behind.

Look for references from former employers

If you have already accumulated other work experiences, ask for feedback from your former employers. This shows companies how you are able to also build a relationship network during your career.

Join major brands

Companies and institutions already consolidated in the market have a credibility that will make your resume even more attractive.

Look for internships during college

Internships are really essential to complement your resume, especially while searching for your first job.

It is through this important experience that the student:

*Puts into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom;

*Discovers what they like to do, thus forming their professional identity;

*Begins to build their networking;

*Acquires the experience required by the job market;


Networking: You Do not Get Anywhere Alone

Networking is nothing more than the relationships you build through your career. Through it you can get partners, suppliers, investors, customers, etc. Not to mention how you can promote your own work or business and get important support.

These relationships are based on mutual trust, admiration, and respect. Therefore, in addition to the technical knowledge about your area, networking is fundamental for anyone who wants to stand out in the market.

How To Cultivate Good Relationships

Make your networking construction a constant practice. Frequently attend events - lectures, meetings and conferences, as well as social events - that will put you in touch with people, companies and other institutions that may become strategic for your business.

Always arrive early, take many business cards from your business, be prepared and dressed properly and do not let the shyness paralyze you: talk to everyone you have opportunity.

Demonstrate your gratitude whenever your networking supports you in the development of some action or project. Make a phone call, send a thank-you email, prepare a toast or anything else that makes others feel rewarded. Maintaining contact with groups of entrepreneurs linked to your field of work is also important. Never ask for anything at first contact and do not create expectations.

Look for interesting contacts in different areas of your business. It is important to know what is being done well in other branches. It is also essential to use e-mail very well, as it will be the main form of communication with your networking.

Always strive for your good reputation, as a negative image can greatly compromise your working relationships.

Seek knowledge

It is important to always be informed about courses and training to improve your knowledge.

Currently, a good opportunity is in the online courses, which allow the professional to study at home and at the times he is available, since nowadays time is increasingly scarce.

For professionals who have been working in the job market for some time, these online classes are like a "recycling". For those who are starting their career, it is a way of acquiring knowledge that can complement the theoretical training offered by the university.

Not to mention that this is another way, even at a distance, to expand their networking, participating in discussion forums and study groups.


What can we conclude?

You have seen in this article how today's professional needs to strive to excel in the job market. From the development of some essential skills, to the development of a quality curriculum, to the creation of strong networking and a good reputation, there are many aspects to be worked out.