Job Prospects for Engineers in the USA

By | February 8, 2017
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Engineering graduates are probably the luckiest on earth as they can enjoy maximum opportunities of employment everywhere around the world. In the USA, job prospects for engineering grads are extremely bright. In fact, engineering has become the It degree nowadays. It was the preferred graduation option for the baby boomers, the millennial generation and today’s GenX is following the same path.

 The reason is that engineering is pretty productive option as a major; from tech department to conventional businesses engineers are required almost everywhere. Doctors, teachers and pilots, etc., all these professions offer limited employability while engineering degree helps one get employed easily. According to a survey from CareerBuilder, engineering is the most reliable degree in comparison to pre-med, business and computer science. It has plentiful career progressing options while the need to constant evolution and specialization is quite low comparatively.

As far as the situation in the US is concerned, there are approx. 1.6million engineering positions in the country that pay $42/hour. Civil engineers were in great demand back in 2014 since statistics suggest that around 274,000 civil engineers were hired. The second slot was occupied by Mechanical engineers with 264,000 jobs and industrial engineers with 229,000 jobs. Electrical engineers and electronic engineers cumulatively made up two-third of the US engineering workforce.

Forbes claims that engineers are most in-demand professionals in the USA. In this regard, many think about which of the degrees would help the individual get employed as engineer in the USA? According to research from Forbes, as per the analysis of parameters like job growth and job posting  civil engineering turns out to be the best bet among all but considering the influential status enjoyed by digital technology in the country, software engineers and electronic engineers are also much sought after.

However, the rate of job growth for petroleum engineers, mining and geological engineers, industrial engineers and biomedical engineers has been in double digits between 2010 and 2014. Therefore, we cannot presume that just one or two fields of engineering can be relied upon as the spectrum of jobs in the US is ever-widening. It is also worth noting that every engineering occupation has additional job opportunities. Hence, there has been a considerable growth in the engineering job rate during the past few years.

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