The biggest challenges in the career of an Engineer

By | June 26, 2017
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Challenges already begin Engineering graduation

There are a large number of people with great difficulties in learning complex calculations. This failure in basic education often prevents many from studying engineering, since it will be impossible to escape the calculations and graphs.
The workload is also cruel and requires students to continue their studies outside of class. It is impossible to take a degree in the area without effort. Not surprisingly, about 40% of the students who start the course can not complete it, giving up halfway. If you can get your diploma, you can count it as a victory.
Those who survive the harsh period of study, begin to face other challenges of the profession. Combining learned theory with practice is the first of these, since in some projects budget constraints may force them to create different paths than the professional originally planned.

The diploma is not everything in the profession

Another challenge is the social responsibility. Whatever the project, it will certainly have some impact on society. A building, for example, may need to clear an area. In addition to all staff and processes for completion, the engineer may need to deal with external pressures - the press and movements against deforestation act strongly on this type of project.
Along with social responsibility, engineering is also one of the most important areas in the paradigm break. Finding new concepts and new ways of doing the processes is a constant goal and sometimes needs to face criticism from the rest of society and experts in the field.
Finally, but perhaps more important than the others is the interpersonal relationship in the projects of the area. Here we basically have two major challenges: the relationship of the engineer with the project managers and the stability of the position. The first is knowing how to handle the requests of the owners who are hiring, after all they may want a different product than you think is the best and in this case you will need to adapt to what the customer expects.

And the dreamed professional stability?

Stability depends on the duration of projects. Many companies hire engineers for isolated projects, and of course, by completing these projects, the professional becomes unemployed. On the other hand, never ignore these opportunities: good engineers can excel in projects of this type and gain confidence for other future projects, and always generate an important network of contacts.
The engineering challenges are many, and even then, only those who really like it should seek professionalism in this segment. On the other hand, those who decide to follow this course and try to achieve the proposed goals will surely have a unique sense of accomplishment.