How Engineers Can Benefit From Social Networking

By | June 7, 2017
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Resignation is one of the greatest fears of every professional. Although most of the companies act with constant feedback models that allow the correction of points of attention or failures in daily performance, the professional can not always prepare for an eventual resignation.

Dismissal has direct and immediate impacts, especially financial and psychological. The bills at the end of the month go through the head, as well as the worry of how long it will be in that situation. Not to mention remembering the bureaucratic and exhausting hiring stages: preparing curriculum, interviews and emotional control to receive some "no" from the selection processes.

On the other hand, many of today's fired professionals have a helper tool that did not exist at the beginning of their careers - and even if you are a recent graduate, you can certainly make the most of it. Check out some social networks that can help when looking for a new job.



The first thing to do on the internet in search of a new job is to join LinkedIn and open an account (if you do not have one) and update your profile. This step should be performed before even looking at any vacancy.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network and many companies use the site on the professional search. The site itself may direct vacancies that relate to your profile (training, course, age and experience). Remember to always keep the data up to date, because good opportunities can emerge even when you are already employed.


Although not used for professional purposes, Facebook is a great social network for job localization. There are specific groups for this, plus the pages of companies and recruitment agencies that constantly launch new programs and selective processes.

Friends and family members themselves can help as they follow content-type pages and share similar content that you can use to identify interesting opportunities. In your profile, you can share that you are looking for a job.

Job Vacancies Sites

In addition to social networking, another source that can help in finding a job is to look for job openings for Engineers posted on the internet. Some sites (Engineering Selection) have a data program that, in addition to providing vacancies, allow you to interact with other people and perform some steps of selective processes at home - sending online resume and interviews via Skype, for example.

You can take advantage of these sites to search for job positions in companies that do not advertise on LinkedIn or have no Facebook page. Although large companies use these tools, there are also good opportunities in smaller organizations where even selective processes tend to be less rigorous and competitive.

Update your knowledge

These are the more traditional examples, but of course there are other ways to use social networks in the pursuit of employment. The WhatsApp, for example, has been very useful for contact between people in the same area.

In the end, the limit to the use of social networks is your creativity. Do not be ashamed to try something that might help with this process.