How to answer frequently asked questions in job interviews for an Engineer

It is common for people to think that having a good resume, impeccable recommendations, and adequate personal presentation is enough to do well in a job interview, but it’s not quite like that. In addition to the posture that the candidate needs to demonstrate, such as not being late and not lacking education, he should prepare for the… Read More »

How to know the best job for an engineer?

Before accepting any job offer or defining what kind of career do you want, it is very important to find out which engineer job is the best for you, which things that you like on a job, which ones you don’t, and in this last category, which ones you can tolerate and which ones you can’t accept and… Read More »

How to plan your career to become a successful engineer

The engineering world is fascinating and has a lot of oportunities in its many areas and divisions. To reach them, however, isn’t easy. The path is hard and requires a lot of dedication and discipline. It is no coincidence that almost half of the students who enter an engineering course are unable to complete it. Here are some… Read More »

The career challenges of a Civil Engineer

The Civil Engineering professional is capable of designing, managing and executing a construction.In addition, it acts in the analysis of insolation, in the best use of the local ventilation and in the definition of the best type of soil for the constructions. The designs and definitions of the civil engineer aim at the stability of the building and… Read More »

What are the paths for an engineer who is seeking a Placement Service?

One of the biggest benefit of those who decide to work with engineering is the range of options that are offered for specialization. Chemistry, environmental, mechanical, mechatronics or civil engineering are some of the various opportunities. The first two years of study are usually similar, allowing specialization only in a second moment and granting a greater time in… Read More »