How to plan your career to become a successful engineer

By | February 8, 2017
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The engineering world is fascinating and has a lot of oportunities in its many areas and divisions. To reach them, however, isn't easy. The path is hard and requires a lot of dedication and discipline. It is no coincidence that almost half of the students who enter an engineering course are unable to complete it.

Here are some key points on how to manage your career to become a successful professional and fulfill your objectives:


What makes you a good engineer or not is your dedication and will, but the educational institution that participates in your qualification is of great importance. For two basic reasons:

  • For the quality of the knowledge that was transmitted to you
  • It is the first thing that the companies will search at your resume

That is why choosing the institution where you will graduate in is an important matter. A good decision at this point will garantee you a warm reception in the interviews and, in this case, it will only depend on you getting the job. It is also essential to pay attention to your resume: A good college is useless in a disorganised curriculum.

Be different

The graduation process is important, but usually makes "standard professionals", after all you received the same classes and orientation from as many students who attended the same course as you. That is why to stand out from the crowd you have to go beyond the basic.

Keep studying is one of the best methods to reach the differentiation in the specialization areas that you think are important. Knowledge is power, and if you don't seek it, others will.

Be curious

One of the most fun parts of engineering is the oportunitie to inovate. New projects and the most different subjects come up all the time and this is a great chance to put into practices the ideas that have come up during your graduation.

A key point in this innovation process is questioning. "Why can't we do it differently?" or "Why didn't we follow this way?". These are two questions that you should consider asking at all meetings, because they will stimulate the debate and the interest in the project.


During the development of your activities, you will have great opportunities to meet the most different types of people and positions. Most of them will be engineers, just like their classmates in college. Take the opportunity to develop important links for the future.


In spite of all the previous items, what will guide you to the success is the will of improving yourself everyday and this is an exclusively personal factor. It is  necessary to keep yourself motivated, giving your best on your daily activities so you can grow as a professional and an individual.

The professional world isn't a fairy tale and sometimes things may not happen the way we want. Being prepared to assimilate this kind of fact will make all the difference for you to be a successful professional.