Three skills that every engineer must master

Each profession has its own particular challenges and requires different skills. Journalists need writing skills, which the accountant, for example, does not need. A teacher must be able to manage people, this is a technique that a salesperson can even have, but they do not have it as a requirement. In engineering isn’t different. With its own particular… Read More »

Engineering Field Career Tips

At, the focus is upon offering a valuable platform for budding engineers as well as established ones seeking better employment opportunities. With immense efforts and research, we have built a portfolio where you can get in touch with reliable companies offering internship/employment for engineers. In this regard, there are a few tips that engineers must take notice… Read More »

How is the Job Market for an Engineer in the USA?

US engineering workforce has always been in the higher ranges. According to Engineering Employment Outlook forecast by Kelly Services, a Troy, Mich.-based company, in the next ten years or so the US will require 250,000 more engineers in high growth sectors. These sectors include industries like aerospace, renewable energy, oil and gas, mechanical and civil engineering. These will… Read More »

Job Prospects for Engineers in the USA

Engineering graduates are probably the luckiest on earth as they can enjoy maximum opportunities of employment everywhere around the world. In the USA, job prospects for engineering grads are extremely bright. In fact, engineering has become the It degree nowadays. It was the preferred graduation option for the baby boomers, the millennial generation and today’s GenX is following… Read More »

Placement Service for Engineers USA

Placing engineers and technical professionals at high ranked positions across North and South America is nothing short of a mission. In the USA the job prospects for engineering grads are immensely bright and the market is inviting for experts in all sub-fields of engineering including biomedical, environment and petroleum. The benefits of contacting placement service for getting hired… Read More »