What are the paths for an engineer who is seeking a Placement Service?

By | February 8, 2017
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One of the biggest benefit of those who decide to work with engineering is the range of options that are offered for specialization. Chemistry, environmental, mechanical, mechatronics or civil engineering are some of the various opportunities. The first two years of study are usually similar, allowing specialization only in a second moment and granting a greater time in this decision making.

But what if you finish your graduation, enters the job market and, years later, you decide that you want to change the market? How does the Placement Service process work? Although it seems something simple, some care is needed before making a decision, to avoid doing something precipitated that will make you regret your decision.

It should be noted that there is a possibility that involves a minor risk: to make the relocation within the company that you are already employed. In this case, if the company has medium size or higher it is possible that the corporation itself generates opportunity of a change of area, for example.

Changes might be necessary

On the other hand, this change usually happens in other ways, sometimes forced. It is the case of a dismissal, when even without planning, you may find yourself forced to open doors to a new profession or a new market, after all nobody likes to be unemployed with bills to pay. In other situations, the choice can come from the engineer himself, be it for an area exchange or even a change of profession when he can no longer find satisfaction where he is acting.

Taking a second look, the change is more complicated because of the competitive market. There are some big challenges  in an engineering career and only a few can manage to adapt quickly, because, ussually those who make this decision are not prepared for the new experiences that they will have to face.

To start with, the market is dynamic, even more after the globalization, and the direct consequence of this is that if you choose for a Placement Service, you will find a different market than it was in the past, when you chose your profession. It is necessary to upgrade yourself and, preferably, do this before  you disconnect from the previous activity. On this stage there are also be new professionals being graduating and updating themselves.

Does the age matter for engineers searching a Placement Service?

Another important question is prejudice. Depending on the age, companies tend to have less acceptance of professional changes of this type, giving preference to younger professionals. This theory rely on the challenge mentioned on the last paragraph: younger professionals tend to be more updated.

A point that somethimes may pass unnoticed is the change of environment. Even within engineering, each specialization has its own ritm and work environment that the professional will need to adapt. If the decision is to change radically of profession, the difficulty is even greater. The routine of a journalist is quite distant from the routine of an engineer, for example.

Evaluate risks and opportunities.

Before the decision is made, it is necessary to evaluate the opportunities and the risk of being unemployed for some time, as this is a common situation for those seeking a Placement Service. Of course that no one wants to keep working on something that gives no pleasure or joy, but the remorse can be even worse. Be calm and, if possible, talk to friends, relatives and colleagues who went through a similar situation.